People Focused

About The People's Gauntlet

The People's Gauntlet was inspired by politicans who pretend to show progressive tendencies but ultimately, when they get into office, prove to not be as progressive as they campaigned.

How do you know when someone truly means what they say? We believe asking a variety of questions progressives care about will help reveal candidates true ideological beliefs so the grassroots can make a decision, who to support for office.

Are you a candidate running for the U.S House or Senate?

Join The Fight!

Right now we are slowly growing our candidate list of contenders. To officially be on the site you must complete all 5 Gauntlets.

1. Email and request the login page.
2. Coming soon. You will be able to put in a link to your gauntlets.
3. When you complete all, you will receive your own page,
4. You will be added to the candidates page.
5. Coming soon. You will have access to invite volunteers to join the site. More to come! We are slowly evolving and expanding the site.