Grassroots candidates need help from consultants who are passionate about helping other progressives win. Here is a list of consultants you can work with at a reasonable price.

  • Case

    PG Video Director / Editor

    The Peoples Gauntlet will always be free for candidates to sign up and upload their own videos. I am offering a service to setup an hour zoom session per gauntlet to record your video and then edit it. Contact me at for more info

  • Brook Hines

    Progressive Political Consultant

    Brook Hines is an award-winning agency creative with 25 years’ experience crafting communication and branding strategy. Currently focusing on candidates for office and progressive media. Former alt-weekly publisher. Podcaster: “Lefty Lounge” on all podcatchers. Follow on Twitter @nashville_brook

  • Poll Progressive

    Progressive Political Pollster

    Our services are comprehensive, combining public opinion research with message development. We will help you understand your voters and effectively convey progressive policies in your communications strategy.

  • Kayla Asato

    Campaign Consultant

    Kayla Asato is a progressive activist and organizer with 3+ years of nonstop training, experience, and involvement at multiple levels of electoral and issue-based campaigns within the progressive movement. Currently, she works at an environmental justice nonprofit and does community-based math curriculum research. After serving a brief stint as campaign manager of a congressional campaign, she sought to integrate campaign strategies with grassroots movement work to enhance both simultaneously. While she has a decent understanding of all aspects of a campaign including fundraising, campaign management, communications, and digital/data from various courses and experience, her main focus is helping candidates build a foundation and framework to run a strong and regenerative campaign off of.